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Swan Decker

New WTTP member Swan Decker has sprouted out from the underground to spread the rage! Swan has only been focusing on his pursuit of music for about a year and has made massive waves in the scene and only has plans to keep it going so everyone can continue thrashing. Being born to a hippie who toured with The Grateful Dead music has always been a major part of his life; knowing he wanted to make music by the time he reached preschool and producing beats on a free phone app in 5th grade, solidifying his first steps in becoming the Swan we know today. The name Swan Decker comes from another passion he has which is skateboarding; choosing his name after his favorite skaters: Sean “Swan” Pablo and Dale Decker. Some other aliases that have been used by Swan include Brimstone, Yung Crud, Jenkem Christ, and Rat Bastard. Drawing influence from nu-metal and grindcore projects Swan brings very heavy energy to any crowd, Swan is still developing and finding new musical influences, while equating his overall style to an audio version of Big Brother Magazine “gnarly, loud, raunchy, not super serious, and everything parents hate” so if you love bad times with good people you’ll definitely want to give him a listen. Make sure to follow Swan Decker on all music platforms as well as on Instagram @swandecker_ to keep up to date with everything Swans got coming.

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