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stone deluxe

stone deluxe ( is an amazing artist on the rise that’s here to use his art to change the way you see the world. Born out of San Rafael, California and living up and down the coast, stone deluxe, has been making music since he was a freshman in high school around 15 with his first ever song being a cover of “Buggin’ Out” by A Tribe Called Quest followed by some admittedly bad lo-fi boom bap songs. These were fun and served as a way to overcome hurdles in producing and mixing vocals, which he feels he has improved on greatly.

A few years ago stone deluxe started taking his music more seriously under the name Half Metal Kaiba which was inspired by a mixture of a Yu-Gi-Oh antagonist as well as the Full Metal Alchemist series. This was changed to Stoneman in August of 2019, but again, after time, felt disconnected from this name due to other artists using the name, as well as life changes that eventually compelled him to take his work in a new direction where he finally reached his stone deluxe state of mind. The art stone deluxe makes is used as an undiluted self expression. He hopes to convey his internal happiness in a way that can inspire listeners to be more of who they are and less of who others hope them to be. Taking inspiration from a diverse catalog of music including JPEGMAFIA, Gorillaz, Yung Lean, Injury Reserve, and Tyler, the Creator, as well as movies and games like Oldboy and Trainspotting, and the Dark Souls and Resident Evil series’ stone deluxe offers a unique sound everyone should give a listen.

Right now, stone deluxe has a lot of singles in the process as well as a music video for his song Andromeda with a couple friends; they’ve been working on it for a while to make sure it’s exactly as crazy envisioned. He is also hoping to eventually drop some merchandise with the artist behind the cover art of some of his latest tracks @n34r_k. Overall stone deluxe is an artist for the people and definitely worth the listen.

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