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Rising artist GAUZ3Y is making waves in the music scene with his booming style and genuine approach. Born in Chicago and raised in Arizona, GAUZ3Y has been immersed in music his entire life; starting early following his father who he saw playing gigs in bands. While he started seriously recording music about eight or nine years ago, it wasn't until three years ago that he began pushing his craft to the limits. Reflecting on his progress, GAUZ3Y shared mixed emotions. He acknowledges his growth and recognition within the scene, but also feels the desire to somehow offer more. Nevertheless, he takes pride in his achievements and the positive feedback he has received.

GAUZ3Y's name emerged spontaneously as a symbol of healing for those who have been emotionally wounded. GAUZ3Y draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, finding motivation in the sounds, beats, and overall musicality. He credits his mother and his lady for their unwavering support, keeping him grounded and focused. While currently focusing on releasing singles, GAUZ3Y has plans for future projects. He hopes to continue creating captivating tracks that leave a lasting impact on listeners.

In addition to his musical talents, GAUZ3Y works as a tattoo artist and engages in producing and mixing music as a side hustle; moving in many avenues with the only thing holding him back being a peanut allergy. With his unique style and authentic approach, GAUZ3Y is an artist to keep an eye on so make sure to follow him @gauz3y.

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