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YUWAKU is a local Arizona artist, who’s been to many different cities in the state, most prominent in his life being Tempe, Mesa, Apache Junction, and Phoenix. Starting off by writing short fast raps and showing them off to his friends, Waku has been making music since he was in the 5th grade. Dabbling with music a bit more in his middle school years but not officially dropping any music until his freshman year of high school. (He is now a senior)

This however was not his name to begin with. Being influenced by XXXTENTACION, he originally was going by XXXYuwaku. Yuwaku means temptation in Japanese. This being something he struggled with in his life, he began to make music about it. He took inspiration from an interview with X back in 2017 when he first got out of jail, where he explains that his name also meant temptation. After a year of making music however, dropped the XXX from his name, and from there went only as Yuwaku.

He has made a lot of progress in the time that he’s been making music. Starting off in the beginning engineering his own tracks on audacity, to going to studios, and now back to mixing his own music once again, rarely needing to go to the studio.

While also being inspired by his family, and his team, XXXTENTACION was one of his biggest inspirations, being fond of how his music connects to mental health and well being, and finds ways to incorporate this into his music in his own way.

When asked if he’s trying to make a statement in his music he said, “I wouldn't say make a statement, I would say raise awareness for all those who have gone through things similar to me and hope to help them heal.” He’s been putting in work, with plenty of singles coming soon and an EP with another TTG artist but did not give too much detail, wanting to keep most of it a secret.

Yuwaku is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for here in Arizona. The energy he brings, the time and effort he puts into his craft will only bring crazier music in the future.

You can find his music on SoundCloud @yuwaku

and keep up with everything he’s got going on on Instagram @yuwakuu .

Fun Fact: before making sad music, he made drill/hard rap

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