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We Suck at Consistency

I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t feel stupid to have written something similar to this so many times before and I really just hope this is the last time it’s necessary. We’ve been slacking for a major amount of time and in that amount of time we’ve really had to think about where we want things to go for WTTP. We realize some things will definitely have to change for us to improve ourselves, as a group, as individuals, and as something much greater. WELCOME TO THE PIT started as a way to showcase underground talent throughout Arizona and we’ve since even been able to expand our reach outside that which feels amazing to think about. I think this concept is what we need to get back to. Get back to some dudes who do some shit, who like some shit, and who wanna share it all. The plan for now is to lose the structure that felt like shackles that I was constantly looking for reasons to ditch and now just post whenever necessary, whether that be to promote a new video we’ve released, a song from the pit, or a promotion for some of the many artists that stumble their way into the pit. We are here for the people and hope to bring what’s been needed. Right now you can go read our latest Artist Alert which we’re going to be starting up again to showcase talent, there are also some videos you might want to check out on our Youtube page you can find through the link in our Instagram bio or through the button on our site.

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