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Swan Decker's New Releases

Swan Decker (@swandecker_ on Instagram) has recently dropped some new tracks on SoundCloud that really embody the diversity Swan has developed in such a short time. His most recent release is a track titled “Benadryl and Delsym” which takes a glitch core sound and mixes it with Swan’s notably catchy bars for and ear splitting banger, especially if you’re in a K-hole. Before this drop Swan released his debut EP “THE MISSING LINK” which is a 4 track EP including the tracks MAIN ANTAGONIST, THE MISSING LINK #FREESTYLE, FXCK AZ PUNX, and HIT THE FLOOR! which covers a range of sub-genres in an overall trap metal style. So go check it if you haven’t already, because this EP has booming beats, catchy/clever bars, and an overall hype energy that just sets the standard for all the things Swan Decker has to come.

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