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YUNG MOP was born in THE PIT and that’s where he shall forever stay. Coming from a family of music nuts it’s easy to see why Mop has such an alternative sound. Drawing inspiration from punk, anti folk, rap, rock, and many other genres Mop makes music that is lyrically rap but with an energy to beat the band. Only having pursued music from a little over a year the progress is small at face value, with less than 100 followers on SoundCloud and his highest viewed release only reaching just over 15k, but the main thing Mop has been working on behind the scenes is (the website you’re on right now) creating the idea at its inception and only moving outward in its connections and growth.

Music is the passion but culture is the vibe, you can’t have music without a culture and a culture with no music is just idiocy. Mop has only one goal when it comes to music and it’s to bring together all the dickheads, shit for brains, tweakers, etc to mosh and blow off all the steam that gets built up in daily life. You can follow YUNG MOP on all platforms as well as on Instagram @officialyungmop

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