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We have two big announcements that are sure to keep THE YEAR OF THE PIT on track. First we can now say that WTTP is on ALL PLATFORMS now that 360GENOCIDE has made the leap over, so make sure to check out songs like Chomp on This (Swan Decker), The Glizzy

Song (OGPICASSO), Pesticides (360GENOCIDE), NITROGEN (YUNG MOP), and MANY MORE!! The second thing we need to talk about is the WELCOME TO THE PIT SoundCloud which will now start consistently getting more songs posted on it, starting with YUNG MOP’s new song REBIRTH at 6PM TONIGHT!! And while this SoundCloud will have WTTP collaborations and singles; it will also have exclusives from our friends like VENDETTA whose song FRUIT PUNCH is uploaded on there now. WTTP has so much coming up this year and we hope you all stick around for the show!!

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