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Valentine's Day Releases

Our boys OGPICASSO (@bbyjerich0) and 360GENOCIDE (@360genocide) both love you all so much they have new songs available on Soundcloud now coming to all platforms very soon. Casso’s new song Pabst Blue Ribbon ft. Soul666Grave (@soul666grave)

is just another step on the path Casso’s been making to diversify, work with new artists, and build upon his unique sound! He still needs a cover art for this song so if youre an artist and want to take a shot at it feel free to send a message to our Instagram DM or to

Our boy Geno’s new song Rude Tendencies is a incredible track made for anyone who can’t get that specific person’s scent from your pillowcase. Rude Tendencies is definitely a step away from what Genocides done previously (this song is basically a punk rock ballad) while still holding onto that 360GENOCIDE flair, so id definitely recommend it to everyone. Distrokid has been acting a little funky for us, but each song is being transferred to all music streaming platforms right now and should be available before the week is up! Thanks to everyone who supports WTTP and everything our members put out!

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