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Tyykagé has an intense in your face energy you can’t pass up, mixing a rock persona with messages he holds close to heart. Having started playing around in music 3-4 years ago Ty feels he really discovered himself and his sound around 2 years ago. Describing his sound as a melodic rock/rap mix Ty says this sound just came naturally one day while creating a song and has been working on this sound ever since. You may have heard Tyykagé before under his former name Kiid Gaara, he worked under this name for a bit but changed it once he finally decided Tyykagé fit him a lot better.

Ty has many goals when it comes to music but wants to keep those close and will only reveal them once they’ve been reached but this doesn’t keep him from projecting the confidence he has in his ability. Tyykagé is here to tell his story and spread the message that you can achieve what you want despite the struggles you may face and the people who will try to pull you down. You can find Tyykagé on SoundCloud as well as on Instagram @tyykage.

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