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TripShipFashion LLC Teaches Ken About Creation

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP PIT DWELLERS!!!!! This is the FIRST “Ken’s Corner” of THE YEAR OF THE PIT and I wanted to start off the year with a very special creature named Evich. The owner of TripShipFashion LLC has agreed to answer a couple questions for me, as well as allowed me to enter into their creative space and checkout some of their AWESOME creations. So without further ado, here is some background on le artist from Arizona.

Born and raised in the death desert itself, Evich started drawing and making outfit ideas at the age of 9 and has since then continued to make completely unique outfits to help people truly express themselves. Using fabric scraps their father gave to them, some scissors, and a hot glue gun, Evich made their first ever dress, a turquoise pencil dress that they still have to this day. “At that time I had no idea on how to sew, what the process was really like, all I knew was that I really wanted to start designing.” At the age 11 they started sewing classes and making costumes for themself with their mom and the rest is history.

A good artist needs good inspiration to keep them going through the ups and downs of their work, it makes it all worth while in the end and keeps the flow of work going easier. When I first met Evich I could definitely tell off of first impression that they were a very creative and passionate person when it came to the ability to express themselves.

A big creative inspiration of theirs is pain “Honestly, in my darkest of times I have come up with such incredible creations. Pain is really my inspiration and what I birth from that.” After hearing Evich’s story and seeing the passion sewn into their art, I will definitely recommend TripShipFashion to anyone who is looking for a unique one of a kind clothing. For more details about the business take a look at their awesome website, and give a follow to their Instagram page to keep up with the life of this art making creature.

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