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Tio Trilly

Tio Trilly is one of the most unique artists to come out of the underground. The best way to describe Trilly is by pointing out his west coast vibes and unorthodox flow. Truly an underground sound he’s developed while still not being confined to it, moving around and testing other genres to keep the music and energy fresh. Starting around 3 years ago Tio has progressed a lot, having over 1 million views with some songs hitting up to over 900k views. Trilly started music for the love of it with backseat freestyles under the name Yung Age, but after coming so far he’s gained a new mindset.

Trilly hopes to invoke emotion in people, whether it be happiness, anger, sadness, or even ignorance at times as these are what make us up as a whole and once you can understand and accept what emotions make you up you’ll be able to more effectively navigate your life and step away from the ideals the world has placed forward. It’s better to have died for a cause than to never have a cause worth dying for. You can find Tio Trilly on all platforms as well as on Instagram @tio_trilly.

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