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THE YEAR OF THE PIT (Hot Sauce Buttchug out now!)

IT’S OFFICIALLY THE YEAR OF THE PIT!!! The WELCOME TO THE PIT team has so much planned for this year and we can’t wait to unveil it all in due time. To start the year off right we have our new video Hot Sauce Buttchug out now on YouTube,

as well as a fully uncensored version here on,

we also have our first performance back alongside Fight the Vomit (@fight_the_vomit) on January 2nd!!

Our main plan in 2022 is to post a video a month with some live streams, vlogs, and other extras sprinkled throughout to produce some entertainment for anybody who might want it (had to rush this January video a bit but all upcoming will also include subtitles!!), we also plan on releasing multiple merchandise drops this year (things like posters, apparel, koozies, stickers, and more) with multiple designs even coming from local talent, we will hopefully have some teasers for all of that coming very soon. WTTP is ever changing and growing and we hope to make THE YEAR OF THE PIT the best fucking year possible!! A big thank you to everyone who has stuck around to see what we’re doing this year and we promise you won't totally regret it!!

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