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Swan Decker - GIMP (Freestyle) & HEATWAVE 3030

(Check out @welcome2thepit on Instagram for snippets)

BIG NEWS FOR ALL SWAN DECKER FANS!! Not only will our boy Swan be dropping his new single GIMP! (Freestyle) this Friday, but he has officially announced his debut EP, HEATWAVE 3030, it will contain 5 tracks with a heavy aggressive sound combined with elements of other genres such as Phonk, Witch House, and Goth. The snippet featured is called HAUNTED TRAPHOUSE and will feature OGPICASSO on it. HEATWAVE 3030 is set to release in early January, although an earlier release date is definitely possible if all the tracks are finalized quick enough. Make sure to follow @swandecker_ to stay up to date on everything he has coming!

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