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STVCASTRO is coming from the Valley to show you how real shit’s done! Castro has made a major boom recently, without even really trying. Only having three releases of his own Castro is still bumping on SoundCloud with 2 features, one of which having over 300k views. Castro originally started rapping at a young age by freestyling with his friend Tavion #LLT while smoking in the school bathroom. For years and years Castro only rapped for fun but eventually started dropping music about a year ago. These early songs were well received with some having around 10k views, but Castro felt these weren’t his best work and took them down to try and improve. Feeling that he hasn’t put a whole lot into his music we can expect something crazy coming once he does! Make sure to follow STVCASTRO on SoundCloud and Instagram @stvcxstro to stay up to date!

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