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Spookikage is the leader of the new age and the Uncle you’ve always wanted. With 4 years under his belt Spooki has been a forerunner in not just the AZ underground but in the underground music community as a whole. Having multiple out of state shows and a growing fan base from around the world, Spooki is a force to be reckoned with and when DOOM DIVISION fully assembles the force is unstoppable. The name Spookikage came in a real way, originally deriving from a joke calling himself Spooki Dooki and eventually changing it feeling that, like a Kage, he was meant to lead people to their higher selves. Making what he calls cyber scripture anime punk music Spooki has a very original and almost mystifying sound. If you’re interested in something to mosh to while dealing in cryptocurrency then Spooki is definitely the artist for you. Always looking to improve and upgrade, Spooki and DOOM are ever growing making bigger and better things with every coming day. Starting with using audacity and a $50 mic to now performing for large audiences with mosh pits unmatched by most; it’s hard to pinpoint where it’ll stop but all we can know for sure is that Spookikage and DOOM DIVISION are here to stay! Make sure to follow Spookikage on all platforms as well as on Instagram @spookikageofdoomdivision to keep up with any and everything coming from Spookikage of DOOM DIVISION.

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