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Slight Video Delay

With a group led by idiots we’re often met with random complications like finding out the campgrounds we were going to be camping at is closed; only after our two and a half hour drive to Flagstaff. This is only the latest example of our attempt at the blind leading the blind but like anything in life, stupid mistakes have consequences on everyone and now our new video won’t be released until February 28th instead of the 26th. And while this 2 day difference may not mean much to anyone else, I made the promise to myself that we’d upload a video of some WTTP shenanigans once a month and I really can’t let that be shot down the second month into the year, so i’ll work my fingers to the bones and my body to a breaking point if that's what it takes to produce as much content as I possibly can. A WTTP camping video will be coming eventually, but for now you’ll have to enjoy us getting brutalized in more public settings. You can still check out our January video titled Hot Sauce Buttchug on completely uncensored as well as a censored version on YouTube.

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