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Coming from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, artist RUZLXN rocks with a vibe/energy that makes you want to beat the shit out of the person next to you in the best way possible. Starting off under the alias “xVague'' as a graphic designer and RUZLXN didn’t officially start rapping under his real name “Ruzlan” in 2018 choosing to go against the grain and not do the generic “Lil” or “Yung” that’s commonly seen.

While being inspired by underground artists such as NASCAR ALOE, ZILLAKAMI, CXRPSE and slightly bigger names like XXXTENTACION; RUZLXN also takes inspiration from close family, like his older sister (artist/painter) and his cousin (EDM and House Producer/DJ). While he’s not working on any major projects RUZLXN is still working on plenty of singles and collaborations, mainly focusing on maximizing his growth. And while making music for fun RUZLXN does hope to grow large enough to have a voice of influence, but still has no set expectation on “success”, appreciating every achievement as they come no matter the size, stating “making a living or a source of income off of doing what I love would also be an amazing feat but i'm not worrying too hard on that rn”. You can find this amazing artist on all platforms under the name “RUZLXN” as well as on Instagram @ruzlxn for updates on everything he’s got going on.

ARTIST FUN FACT - Although from Oklahoma RUZLXN actually spent most of his childhood/teen years in Bangladesh, being a monumental 10 year experience he could not compare to any other.

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