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ITS TIME FOR KENS CORNER AND WE GOT SOMETHING SPECIAL TO TALK ABOUT. The scene in Arizona has its own personal hashtag and EVERYONES here for it! If you are new to the scene or just haven’t heard of it yet, #rottok is a hashtag used to showcase videos from the expanding community. @Rottennumen the founder of #rottok started making these videos originally to show @hennygravess and his adventures with their friends. On April 14th the first #rottok video was posted on TikTok and since then those videos have started gaining traction with the hashtag hitting 2 million total views on TikTok which has made a HUGE impact on Arizona’s scene, and now shows and parties wouldn’t be the same without a classic #rottok video. Anyone and everyone can use this useful hashtag to grow their audience and target a specific niche of social media users that reside in this ever growing hashtag. Feel free to keep using this hashtag in all of your content and stay tuned for rottok merchandise in the future!!

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