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Rotten Numen

Rotten Numen has crept from the crypt to bring you true divinity! Rot has made moves in the local scene recently with a multitude of shows and many projects worked on with other artists coming up in the growing scene. Rot has always been interested in pursuing music, creating homemade music videos for songs he enjoyed and starting garage bands in his early years with his early musical inspirations being the likes of Memphis Horror, Paul Wall, and classic goth bands from the 80’s. This slow progression and development lead to him wanting to bring that goth energy to the trap scene, integrating early by creating his own beats and recording vocals by any means necessary.

Rotten Numen is on the path to be a staple in the local community and to grow past that to what I believe will be a cult-like following in the near future. Rot doesn’t feel he’s on this journey alone, attributing a lot of his recent success to his close connection with DOOM DIVISION. He feels DOOM has pushed him to better himself and opened his eyes to what it really takes to succeed in this line of work. And whether or not DOOM is to thank we can all agree that Rotten Numen is a name we will remember for years to come whether we want to or not! You can find Rotten Numen on all music platforms as well as on Instagram/Twitter @rottennumen.

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