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ATTENTION ALL PIT DWELLERS IF YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A TALENTED AND AFFORDABLE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOUR SHOWS LOOK NO FURTHER!! @ratdog211 is an Instagram scrapbook account run by a very talented human named Kira. She has this unique

talent of showing us the world through her eyes using a camera as the guide. Time and time again Kira proves her incredible talent, capturing the best moments between friends and the energy emanating from the music. Kira was born in the Arizona heat but was raised in the state of Washington until she was 16. She then decided to move back to Arizona as a teenager to escape an abusive relationship she was in. Around a year or so before she was 16 her brother was hospitalized and held in the ICU for about a week, and around that time Kira’s dad gifted her a new camera and ever since that day she’s been using her camera to help cope with the struggles of life. “A lot of the times it feels like it’s the only thing I’m decent at and I just go with it.” Kira has a really unique way of catching the exchanges of candid

expressions, the memorable moments between friends, the laughs, the passion, and the music. She has the most alive photos I’ve seen so far in the Arizona scene, so if you’re looking for someone to find that unique personal energy at your shows then I highly recommend you book her for a show as your photographer. Message her on her scrapbook account @ratdog211 if you would like to book her for a photoshoot or show and create memories.

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