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Recently we’ve gotten to work with new up and coming producer SiAH. Producing for around a year SiAH is definitely ahead of the curve being able to create beats ranging from a mellow laid back energy to head banging punch a brick wall energy. SiAH originally started making music back in 2018 under the name Weepy but changed the name once he became able to mix and master himself and felt more versatile as an artist. SiAH attributes his producing style to inspiration from 6dogs, triplesixdelete, and BigHead. He attributes his personal style to a lot of punk/pop punk/rock bands like Blink-182, GutterMouth, The Sex Pistols, and Rage Against the Machine. Overall SiAH hopes to make this a career and work with many local artists to spread his work and name as a producer. SiAH has a lot of music coming with a lot of different artists so make sure to follow him on Instagram @prodsiah to keep up to date.

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