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OGPICASSO's new Instagram (@bbyjerich0)

OGPICASSO has a new Instagram (@bbyjerich0) because of many many many many many many many violations to the terms of services… but he’s back and ready for THE YEAR OF THE PIT. Everybody make sure to go follow @bbyjerich0 to get him to 500 followers on this new account and he’ll release a new track! (find a snippet on our Instagram page)

Casso’s also been working hard on a new EP that’s still mid-process and doesn’t have a set release date yet, but while that's brewing you can still expect new OGPICASSO coming out; with crazier songs, videos, merch, and more! Through 2021 a lot of plotting had been done and now through 2022 you can expect the culmination and hopefully none of us fall flat or get injured beyond repair. To keep updated on everything OGPICASSO make sure to follow @bbyjerich0 on Instagram and OGPICASSO on all music platforms.

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