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With success as the only goal it's easy to see why OGPICASSO is making a rise in the underground scene. From a young age Casso listened to a lot of music and wanted to play himself, he started with the saxophone learning covers of Ray Charles and Less Than Jake songs. In 9th grade Casso had the drive to try and start a Punk Rock band, but this fell through over time as everybody was a bitch and didn't want to join. This drive then developed into making his own solo music during is junior year of High School, but with no way to record he wasn't able to really start rapping until after High School. The name OGPICASSO came to him his sophomore year in an art class where he was tracing something poorly and next to it wrote OG Picasso as a joke (as to say that the drawing as an OG work of Picasso's) but he fucked with it so much that he decided to use it. This isn't to say he didn't have a hard time deciding his name though, he came up with both the name Lil King and Apocalypse, dropping both because they're both pretty lame. The style of music Casso makes is hard to place, he mixes a punk energy with a more classic rap flow creating something pretty unique. You can find OGPICASSO on all platforms as well as on Instagram @picassotheog.

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