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HEELLLLLOOOOOOOO PIT DWELLERS!!!! Thank you for tuning in on my monthly article about Arizona’s community of very talented people. This month we are going to be talking about @nicotine_artist. A comic artist from the very desert itself. Since he was a kid he has always wanted to be a comic artist or tattoo artist and now he is making that dream a reality. Most of their development as an artist has been these past three years. Before Nicotine moved out here into Phoenix, Arizona, he used to be part of the Yuma and San Luis scene in Arizona which he claims has helped them become the artist they are today. Currently Nicotine takes commissions for flyers, cover art, album art, personal comics, drawings of any sort, and tattoos. They also have their own comics already called “Pothead Comics”

which is personally one of my favorites. Most of their inspiration comes from not only the local scene and their support but also the underground comic legends themselves such as R. Crumb, Daniel Clowes, Clay Wilson, Coop, Ed Roth, and Teen Angel Magazine. I recently have commissioned @nicotine_artist for two art pieces: the first one was a design for the new Welcome To The Pit merch and another was a comic about me! Based on both those experiences I can say that I would definitely recommend this artist to anyone looking for some sick art. Well worth the pay and I will be going back to this artist for future merch designs and possible tattoo designs as well!! If you are reading this I recommend you DM this artist @nicotine_artist while their commissions are still open! Thank you and till next time Pit Dwellers :) !!!

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