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New Video Coming February 26th

If you still haven't checked out our video Hot Sauce Buttchug then what the fuck have you been doing; you can find the censored version on YouTube and the full uncensored version here under the VIDEOS tab.

With each monthly video we make we hope to improve our stunts, production, editing, etc. and we can only do that by knowing what you guys enjoy seeing. We’ve recorded a lot of videos that’ll probably never be released and we’re sitting on a bunch of ideas that could either be great or actual garbage. We have some ideas like Jumping off Shit, Smoking that PACKqui (real chip challenge), A WTTP Studio Session, Self Piercing Tips & Tricks, Shopping Cart Jousting, and many more; if any of this sounds like a good idea let us know so we can add some extra clips before our next video drop on FEBRUARY 26th. We are so thankful to everyone who keeps coming back to see what new dumb stuff we’ve done and we hope to keep upping the ante to keep people shaking their heads in disapproval!

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