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New Swan Decker Release this Friday 9/10

Swan Decker is dropping a new track featuring Henny Graves titled BROKEN WINDOWZ this Friday 9/10. The track is Swans exodus into making a completely new and diverse sound. Swan is extremely talented at the production and execution of making songs that you’ve never heard anything like while still gripping onto the ears of every listener and this song is no different. BROKEN WINDOWZ runs a little over 2 minutes and immediately drags you in with a beat that samples Windows shutdown sound with heavy 808s that really bring the song together. Swan and Henny both killed their verses with incredible wordplay and unique flows that really shows style isn’t set in stone and just because you show talent in one aspect of something doesn’t mean you can’t diversify and delve into different mediums. Make sure to follow them on whatever music platform you use and follow @swandecker_ and @hennygravess on Instagram to see everything they’re doing a little more closely.

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