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Motivation's a Bitch Sometimes

Last week my computer completely shit the bed and died. Through this past week I’ve been putting in the time behind the scenes to make sure we get back and track and now I’ve got a desktop 1000x better than what I was running before so be prepared for a new clip Friday, perhaps something special over the weekend, and some BIG things coming in the next month.

My biggest handicap in life are mental blocks and when my computer took a dive, I really didn’t know if I wanted to continue with how much was lost and can’t be recovered, but at the end of the day you pave your own path and stopping when you hit an obstacle is pointless because unless you climb the hill you face you’re going to face it every day and regret the time wasted never attempting to climb it. I don’t think I’ll ever give in because I’ve already put too much in this and didn’t really think of a plan B. The only motivation a person needs is the want to succeed and if you don’t break your back to make it work, you must not have wanted it that bad.

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