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KENS IN A MUSIC VIDEO??!! (Passe Tape)

WHATS UP FELLOW PIT DWELLERS!!! You already know Kens Corner is all about the TALENTED people in Arizona and this month we got a group of VERY talented photographers, videographers, directors, and painters that film anything and everything they can think of. Passe (@passetape on Instagram) originally started in 2018 when the founder @terrelldoherty started to make music videos and creative skits during his downtime needing to take his mind elsewhere. Eventually @passetape grew to a 5 person team that started to catch people’s attention across states including California, Texas, Washington, and Florida. If you look at @passetape Instagram page it is very easy to see they're so INSANLEY talented with a BOUNDLESS range of ideas making their style very easy to vibe with. Recently I was granted an opportunity to work with this group of creatives in @maliciouschinaa NEWEST music video for her song CHINA which you can check out on YouTube at @PasséTape. Behind the scenes @passetape was very professional and enthusiastic during all of the filming, keeping everyone in good spirits and in high energy. This made the process that much easier and enjoyable. I personally would rate this experience a 10/10 because of how they can easily connect with the clients they work with. So if you are looking for a great group of people to make some art with then I believe you should book a session with @passetape either through DM on Instagram or email them at

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