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Ken's New Tattoo Done by @fairyfvckface

IT’S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH! Back here in KENS CORNER, we have a fairly new INSANE traveling tattoo artist @fairyfvckface! Since late May this CRAZY fucker has been tattooing all sorts of people from the Arizona scene, including me, and if you’ve been in the scene long enough then you’ve probably met this WILD tattoo artist running around with scissors. Born and raised in the scorching desert itself, @fairyfvckface has always enjoyed making art and is always trying to find more ways to create something new and expressive to connect with people. Growing up, her family and friends who were covered in body art inspired her the most to take upon this craft. Her very first tattoo she did was on her father and since then she’s loved the art. From my personal experience I can definitely say she’s not only a respectable artist but also provided great customer care during the job and a good reasonable price. So, If you’re looking for someone to get your first or next tattoo from I definitely recommend this artist @fairyfvckface. You can contact her through her Instagram @fairyfvckface to schedule a tattoo.

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