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Hello, I am Ken… Ken the Gimp and welcome to KEN’S CORNER which will be your monthly dose of non-music based culture here on THE PIT. We’ll be talking tattoos, piercings, skating, arson and much much more. I’ll be here on the last Monday of every month so make sure you stop by KEN’S CORNER to add a little flavor to your mundane day to day.

Today we're going to keep it simple and just give a shout out to a clothing store that's already well known, but SHOULD be much bigger. Shirts n' Things is a store for punk, metal, rock, goth, and grunge enthusiasts. With the wide variety of clothes, accessories, posters, and just about anything your dying heart could yearn for it's great place to find whatever you need to blow your paycheck on all at one place. At my most recent visit I was on the mission to find new accessories, I looked through rings, belts, chokers, and bags, and while I was unable to find anything myself the other WTTP fuckwad's found a few rings, a new choker, and some ear/nose rings (lucky bastards) overall it's got an atmosphere that anyone interested in the many product available could vibe with. Located at 1840 W. Southern Ave, Shirts n' Things is definitely a shop to stop by.

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