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ken Interviews The Von Rebel Show

WHATS UP FUCKERS! This month we will be talking about an AWESOME local show called “The Von Rebel Show”. You can find it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcast, TikTok, and Instagram @Thevonrebelshow. Von started their show back in September of 2021 and since then they have gained a loyal following of local artists and viewers from Arizona. It all started because their car broke down and they had no way of transportation or connection to the local scene of AZ so they created a way, aka The VON Rebel Show. At first it really started as a way of networking and building for their clothing brand @rebelrolemodelsclothing but it eventually became a way of self growth.

Von says “Once I started I found a path and it helps me with my social anxiety and talking to people as well. As you notice in some interviews I sometimes can’t get my sentences out or explain them, this stuff jus helps me with practice.”

As someone who also used to have a hard time socializing with different people, I can relate to their process of forcing themselves into social situations to improve. The interview process itself I would rate a 10/10 would definitely recommend if you’re trying to connect with people and let your audience see a different side of you. Von themselves realizes how the bigger platforms pushes away the local presence and wants to shine a light on the people who deserve it more than these clout chasing platforms.

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