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ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR PIT DWELLERS!!! We are coming up to the holidays when people start gifting more than receiving and I got the perfect gifts for you. It has just the right amount of death and beauty you need for a solid gift. This month we will be talking about a very TALENTED visual artist @callisto_mori. She combines taxidermied animals and bugs with small decorations making a really cool collage of items to keep in your room or workspace. Born in Mesa, Arizona, @callisto_mori started making this type of art back in January 2021 after having to stay home due to some medical circumstances. While staying home and healing she started to collect these specimens and decided that this was the perfect time to start immortalizing her pieces. @callisto_mori states that her biggest influence as an artist is the famous animator Tim Burton for his ability to mesh death, beauty and all thing’s macabre. I recently bought a piece for a friend of mine as a gift and I could not be happier with the artwork. The customer service, the craftsmanship, the organization of time, and how quickly I received my product was OUTSTANDING. If you’re looking to gift something unique, small, dark, and aesthetically pleasing then I recommend messaging @callisto_mori on instagram for a new piece right now!!

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