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Henny Graves Sweet Release EP Review

Henny Graves new EP titled “Sweet Release” is out now on Spotify and includes 5 jaw dropping songs that are completely unique, breaking away from the oversaturation we’ve all become accustomed to. Much slower and softer than a lot of his other music it’s clear that Henny put a lot of time, consideration, and thought into each song, how they piece together on the EP, and how the EP as a whole flows from song to song. My personal favorites from the EP are Porno Music as I personally like songs with more aggressive vocals and MFIA for the absolutely beautiful outro it gives to the EP, just making you crave more as it abruptly ends. Overall the EP shows us that Henny Graves is going to keep coming with more than we could have ever imagined while not completely breaking away from what has brought him to the point he's at. Make sure to check it out and like on Spotify and don't forget to follow @hennygravess on Instagram for updates on everything he’s got coming.

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