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Henny Graves

Henny Graves is a strong force in the underground and once he’s in your eyeline it’s hard to look away. Since a young age Henny has been drawn to making music with his first conscious recollection of making a song being at 7 years old. After a short pursuit of the medical field Henny realized there would be nothing that’d make him more happy than music. The name Henny Graves comes from an old nickname he had (Hendrix) which was shortened to Henny naturally once him and his friends started sippin’. The name Graves came from both his relationship with the symbolism in death and the spiritual perspectives he holds on death as well as the fact he liked Michale Graves (former Misfits singer/songwriter).

Henny Graves officially stepped on the scene in 2018 with his early sound accrediting to a lot of Heavy Metal influence, but his sound has since evolved into a unique meld from the many genres he enjoys and his energy that can out-do a whole mosh pit. His goal in music is to show that through dedication to what you love you can reach your goals no matter who you are or where you’re from. Henny wants you to follow the local scenes around you and find where you fit because we all want to be someone and do something with ourselves! You can find Henny Graves on all music platforms as well as on Instagram @hennygravess!

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