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All the way from Chicago, Illinois Dkoolpharaoh is an artist with an energy never seen before. Starting music in 2016, but not taking it seriously until 2017. Dkool has been making tracks with really unique and aggressive tones such as, "THE REALM JUMPAHZ (ft. $atori zoom)" and "Rengoku". He has made it quite a long way and although happy with his progress, feels not satisfied, stating there is much more to do.

With a broad range of inspirations such as Isaiah Rashad, different movies, anime, and even his own mother & grandmother, Dkool makes music for fun, but also with the goal to take things that are lame as fuck, and make them fucking awesome.

Dkool is currently working on more projects, such as a winter project with a softer tone, and a louder project with a darker vibe.

A message he leaves for all the people that don't know him is that time is too valuable, and to spend and share it wisely. You can check out DKOOLPHARAOH on all platforms and follow him on Instagram @dkoolpharaoh to keep up to date on everything he‘s got coming.

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