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Bed Box Head Slam 360GENOCIDE x Swan Decker

360GENOCIDE has a new release featuring Swan Decker titled Bed Box Head Slam out now on SoundCloud. This is the 3rd personal release of 360GENOCIDE and his second featuring another WTTP member. This song has crazy energy beginning to end and definitely shows the potential Geno has and the progress he’s beginning to make in his style. Swan created the beat for this track and starts it off with a verse full of punchlines that really leave a black eye; this pairs very nicely with Geno’s verse that displays his ever adapting and extremely unique flow as well as his ability to scream for a solid 30 seconds as an outro. This song is a great example of all the amazing things WTTP has coming so make sure you're ready and staying up to date. Make sure to follow @360genocide and @swandecker_ to keep up to everything they have coming up.

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