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From Charlotte, North Carolina, APOLLOISLAME is crushing it. Apollo spent most of his childhood in a town located right outside of Charlotte called Matthews, he started playing drums at the age of 8, and began playing guitar around the age of 10, and would play for the church band in middle school with his mother. All of this would occur at a younger age before Apollo would start dropping his own music during his senior year of high school at the age of 18. As a child, he enjoyed learning about the Apollo moon missions in school, which is where he would get the idea for his name, that and Apollo is the god of music. Soon after, he chose the artist name to APOLLOISTRASH; a week after finally deciding to go by APOLLOISLAME after seeing someone comment, "apollo is lame" and loving the way it looked and sounded. Apollo is able to find inspiration in a lot of everyday things in life such as music, clothing, artwork, and movies. Finding the most inspiration in the

music his parents would play when he was growing up stating, "some things just stick with you for life". Though feeling like his progress in music has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, he finds himself to be happy where he is today, impacting plenty of people's lives and gaining many supporters. Apollo believes that it is great to have fun creating whatever art you make while also spreading some sort of message. Unfortunately Apollo has no new projects in the works, he has been on a break following the birth of his son and the start of his new family, BUT he has been recording new music and has started to release singles again, already dropping 2 new songs in 2022 titled, "IM FINE (NOT FINE) [prod. OG ABl]" and "NO TIME [prod.Masonmanson]". Make sure to follow Apollo's new Instagram @apolloislamee and you can find all his music on SoundCloud as well as a few songs on Spotify under the name APOLLOISLAME.

A fun fact about APOLLOISLAME is that he’s been recent fan of YouTuber Mark Wiens and even said "He's kind of annoying and intense and he's got this crazy look on his face but he's somehow wholesome and I can't stop watching his videos"

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