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Spawning in Wisconsin, then moving to Az at the age of 3, ALLSTARJUGG is not an artist to be underestimated. ALLSTAR started to make music late 2016 with his group JuggRepublic,

but didn’t start taking it seriously until late 2018.

ALLSTAR has had an incredible progression when it comes to music from making one-take freestyles with his own very interesting flow, making music from both his phone for practice as well as in actual studios, catching the attention of other rappers, and gaining some fans from out of state. Before choosing his current name, ALLSTAR used to go by the name “Exotic X”, but this name didn’t sit well with him (if you Google Exotic X a male stripper will pop up😎). Looking for a new name that would stick out he got the idea for his current name when playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. ALLSTAR takes a lot of inspiration from the music and fashion sense of Kanye West, watching a lot of films, and the people behind him who have always had his

back; Allstar also briefly stated, “I wouldn't be where I'm at without @juggrepublic those are my brothers (in the scene at least) and my niggas back at the trap house 🧟‍♂️”. ALLSTARJUGG is most definitely a very impressive artist to keep on your radar. Make sure to check out his newest track "Pain Killer" on SoundCloud as well as his latest video for his song "Supernova" on YouTube. You can find all of ALLSTARJUGG’s music on SoundCloud @ALLSTARJUGG and don’t forget to follow him on Insta @allstarjugg.

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