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Alex P. Fuckery Photographer Extraordinaire

KENS MOTHER FUCKING CORNER!!! An UNMATCHED and a crazy HARDWORKING photographer has been brewing in the underground. Capturing the raw emotions and passion stirring up in the scene, Alex Plaizier has proven himself to be an INCREDIBLE contributor to the absolute CHAOS in Arizona. Born in the hell hole state itself, Alex has had a camera in his hand since he was 4 using the left over disposable cameras his mother would give him. With a strong passion for the art itself, the one thing that inspires him the most is the “Probably seeing people in ways that they can’t see themselves until I show them the photo.” (Alex himself). Alex loves to capture photos the most when people least expect it to get their true emotion and expression. Hard working and persistence make up this photography ICON. In the same day he takes photos, uploads the photos, edits, and sends out his work to the artists included in the photos. Nothing but respect for this person who has nothing but respect for our scene. Don’t forget his name and if you ever see him at the show know that you are in the presence of a TRUE artist. You can find his amazing work on his Instagram account @alexp.culturecultivation_.

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