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In the last two weeks WELCOME TO THE PIT got to perform for its first and second time. With music from artists OGPICASSO and YUNG MOP mixed with backyard stunts like The Septum Tasing and Rock, Paper, Scissors, BAT you can bet WTTP will always put on a show for those looking to mosh, laugh, cry, and maybe bleed a little. The first WTTP performance was March 27th where OGPICASSO and YUNG MOP had a 25 minute set opening for headliners Tyrellskrt and Mikey Rotten at The Kickback. Starting a mosh pit during the very first song it's hard to deny the energy WTTP is able to bring out of a crowd that's willing to get their hands a little dirty. The second performance was at The Courtyard Campout hosted by Valley Club, Home InvAZion TV, and Gxldxn and Friends. With an opening set of 3 songs WTTP was still able to get a small mosh started with a lot of eyes glued on what was presented. Overall the first two shows WTTP got to perform at went amazing with the only direction to head being up. A lot of shows are to come with a lot of bullshit to be done so make sure you stay tuned for any and everything we have coming.

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