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A Small Hiatus

WELCOME TO THE PIT will be going on a small hiatus until the first of January 2022, as we’re getting a lot of projects put together and we want to make sure everything we’re planning to release in 2022 is done with ease and comes out fucking incredible. There will still be a Ken’s Corner at the end of the month and we’ll try and release as many updates as we can to build up hype for everything we’ve got coming and don't worry you'll still be hearing from all WTTP members we're just taking a small break from posting on WTTP while we're updating. The design contest submissions are officially closed and we will announce the winner this Saturday. We won't spoil anything right now, but just know we’re updating, upgrading, and creating so much more for everyone to enjoy. For now everyone should go check out our test drop we’ve got on the website right now!!

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