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NEW MEMBER ALERT!!! This month in Ken's corner we will be talking about our newest addition to WELCOME TO THE PIT and our very first photographer! @hateyoualready has proven his talent over and over again throughout this year in the recent growth of the underground. Born in Upland California @hateyoualready moved to Arizona at a very young age and spent his childhood and most of his teen years in Phoenix. Throughout High School @hateyoualready took film classes which greatly influenced him to take on the art of photography. His preferred camera is a 35mm film camera but he has recently developed a unique style using Polaroids to capture GODLY photos in the underground scene of Arizona. Most of his polaroid's include a really cool effect he has learned called double exposure and it is clear that his seven years of experience in photography are starting to pay off. If you’re looking for someone to capture some crazy unmatched Polaroids of you then @hateyoualready is your photographer. DM @hateyoualready on Instagram for his photoshoot prices!

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