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1. Set achievable goals and stick to them.

You don’t need to move an ocean or lead a nation for fulfillment, one of the best ways to start feeling fulfilled is small successes. You can have 100 million dollar ideas that sit idle because we like to shoot too high and most times lack follow through. Everything must start from the ground floor, only you can decide if that'll be where you let it end.

2. Stay true to yourself. (as long as you’re not a dickhead)

The right to believe is an undeniable human right, stick to your beliefs and hope to encourage those around you to also believe in something strongly. Nowadays it‘s common for people to accept things they don't agree with and portray themselves in a way that’s watered down to be more digestible for those around them. Being a yes man may make you friends, but they aren’t going to be people you actually enjoy being around.

3. Make mistakes… AND LEARN FROM THEM!

Making mistakes is the only way to really learn the difference between good and bad decisions. Playing things safe will only get you so far and the risks while sometimes playing against you can ultimately get you much farther than doing what's easy.

4. Worry less about others and more about success.

People around you will always move at a different pace, but that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Stay focused on yourself and your goals, because the goings on of others will only hold you back.

5. Quit complaining and start planning.

For a bitchin 2022, quit bitching. Don’t overcomplicate things around you by feeding the fire. Let things happen and let them go, move forward and keep progressing in any way you can. It's okay to feel, but not okay to dwell.

These may all seem like common knowledge to most but we all play mind games with ourselves that confine us to unhappiness. Be aware and conscious of the things you do that hold you back. Grow don’t grate.

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