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5 Simple Ways To Not Ruin Your Reputation

Recently a lot of unfavorable behavior has been coming to light in the local scene and while we can’t stop people from being fucked in the head we can be a little more clear as to what's appropriate behavior and what makes you look like a creep, a prick, and a person that deserves whatever type of reciprocation comes to them. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular as there are too many to count but if WTTP is having to help set your moral standard then you should really reevaluate your lifestyle choices. So with introductions out of the way let's get into 5 simple ways to not ruin your reputation.

1. QUIT PERVING - This goes both ways, there have been a fair number of people who seem to have never had any physical affection and now don’t know what’s right and what's wrong. This should go without saying but to be transparent and keep everything plain and simple I'll be the one to say people don’t like being groped or gawked at and when someone is underage you should look out for them and not be the person people are keeping a lookout for. And if you are underage understand who you’re with, what’s going on around you, and let people know how old you are so they can know who they’re around too.

2. KNOW YOUR LIMITS - Alcohol, drugs, and arguments can all be wonderful and very enticing things, but like anything good too much can result in many headaches for multiple reasons. Don’t drink yourself to death and don’t be a buzzkill and OD at the party, take precautions before hand, know what you’re doing and how much you need, and always make sure you clear your headspace to help prevent as much from going wrong as you can. And just like drugs fighting your point can be addicting and while you should know where you stand on your views and should always stick up for what you stand for you should also know when the line bridges from a discussion to an argument, because that’s when things start going south.

3. STOP PROJECTING - Everybody seems to have something they’re holding in and while lashing out at people might feel right in the moment it only shows them what to expect when talking to you and why they really shouldn’t talk to you at all. Nobody cares about what they have no idea about, so if you want someone to know something tell them face to face and cut out any confusion, because being indirect and or expressing our true emotions while putting up a façade just makes you seem disingenuous as a person.

4. KNOW YOU ARENT SHIT - Never assume that just because a few people know who you are or because you’re in some way more knowledgeable that you are above anyone else. Unless you have the money for lawyers and hospital bills you’re stuck at the same level as the rest of us which is why outward expressions of superiority are faulty and mostly result in a negative response, whether it be someone's new found disdain for you or a fist to the face. Always try to lead when you think there's something to be taught but never try and manage what you aren't paying. Ego really doesn’t mean anything to anyone but you, so really reconsider how you treat people.

5. CHECK YOUR FRIENDS - When you’re a bystander and watching your friend majorly fuck up one of these pretty simple rules then be a good friend and put them in their place before they end up in a worse position than they're already in. It’s never easy but almost always necessary.

And like I said at the beginning, we can’t change the way people act but we can be a lot more clear on what is and isn’t socially acceptable. WTTP really wants to build on the community and help in whatever way we can. If this in some way got under your skin then maybe rethink the ways you’ve been acting. And always remember that the truth will come out so always think before you act because you can’t hide behind anything forever.

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