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360GENOCIDE crawled from the pit to scream in your face! Always having an itch to make some type of music GENOCIDE found that a punk industrial sound with heavy emphasis on screaming vocals was the most natural for him to start with. Even though he only has one release on the WELCOME TO THE PIT SoundCloud 360GENOCIDE has still proven himself as a heavy hitting artist with 2 stage appearances that led to major mosh pits! 360GENOCIDE is completely new to music in every single way, but has quickly learned what’s necessary and is proving to be a rising inferno coming from the mosh pit itself. All of the songs he’s recorded thus far have been derived from anger, letting out raw emotion in the short tracks; he does plan to broaden his range in musical style but with only one release we can only speculate what insane shit he’s got sitting in the vault. 360GENOCIDE believes that as long as your plan is to go as hard as possible you’ll reach goals you’d have never thought you’d reach. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @360GENOCIDE to keep up with everything he’s got coming!

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