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31 Spooki Tapes

For EVERY SINGLE DAY of October, Spookikage (@spookikageofdoomdivision) will be dropping a NEW TAPE!!! Spooki is always on the upper echelon in regards to musical releases but this style project is unheard of and really fucking sick. This project had some major setbacks with Spooki’s 3 year old computer and interface completely frying and having to mix and master recovered files and placeholder wavs, but like any true craftsman perseverance prevailed and we’re getting the amount of Spookikage we really need. So far we’ve gotten PRAY 4 FIRE, THE ONLY GYARADOS IN PARIS, POWER DYNAMICS 3, and PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY each containing a variety of styles and energies on each track list, including some of my new favorite Spooki tracks WORKINGONDYING (on PRAY 4 FIRE) and 9LIVES (on POWER DYNAMICS 3). So far each tape has been 4-5 songs long so make sure to keep checking in because with over 100 tracks being released in the next month there will definitely be something you’ll love.

After talking to Spooki it became clear that this project serves two main purposes, to show people that you should make what you love and put energy into passions, and the second reason being to remind artists and fans alike that there are crazy things out there so be open to new artists, projects, art as a whole, and always support what you fuck with. Spooki is a melomaniac at heart loving the beef, dvds, trivia, and most notably discography so it's understandable as to why he felt creating a project of this scale would be a task for him to take on. Make sure to follow @spookikage on Instagram to keep up to date on all the releases coming this month.

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